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Thread: Can One Recommend Music?

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    Default Can One Recommend Music?

    At least in a general sense. I started posting to this topic last night, but paused later for a little reflection. Can one recommend music to a broad audience?

    We all know music, even more so than speakers, is highly subjective. I’m not sure this is the best analogy, but if you were a friend who I knew liked dark blue (my favorite color too), I might buy you a dark blue shirt for Christmas. But if I knew you liked light green, I wouldn’t buy a light green shirt for myself (I can’t stand light green – not sure why).

    I suppose one could always give a qualifier; “If you like Spanish guitar, you may want to check this out …” Bottom line - I would feel a bit guilty if you bought a $12 CD on my recommendation and thought it was trash!

    Perhaps a better title could be “What I’m Listening to Today”.
    But the topic is music recommendations and people seem OK with that. I’m known to over-analyze, it’s the German engineer in me…

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    Default Re: Can One Recommend Music?

    Here is the music recommendation thread:

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    Default Re: Can One Recommend Music?

    Well I have received one of those new-fangled digital audio players as a gift. I have been listening to some of my favorite songs while running. I have noticed that some songs seem to empower me to run faster.

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