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Thread: trigger happy

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    And..... that would be my point. Perhaps you make it better than I.

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    Since this is my thread, my original complaint was to Curtis that i felt he closed another thread too quick. He expained he was busy, something or other, so he closed it since he wouldnt be around to deal with anything that got out of control. I feel that was a sufficient answer so I am no longer "disappointed" about it, for lack of a better word and i'm all happy and smiles.

    That being said, I think there's nothing more to say regarding the thread topic and there's quite a bit of stuff that has nothing to do with that in here. So if its ok with you, please close the thread Curtis. No offense guys, but go find your own thread to discuss SOCS :-) (smiles geniune).


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    This is thread is respectfully closed at Azanon's request.

    We can start a SOCS thread if needed.


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