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Thread: 340 SE Sound Bright

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    Default 340 SE Sound Bright

    Hello to all,

    I am currently checking out a 340 SE L/C/R and 4 HTM 200s for surround duty system.

    I must say the 340 SEs are bright, almost painful.

    I have about 78+ hours on them and they are still bright.

    Anyone else experience this? How much longer till they mellow out?

    BTW... I am running these with an Outlaw 7700 amp and Onkyo TS-DX787 Pre/Pro.

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    They're not. If what you mean by bright is that they don't have recessed highs, then yeah if thats what you like you might find the 340SE bright...

    How does your room look? You might want to invest in some room treatment to cut down on those first reflections. If you have hardwood floors, putting a rug on the floor would help. The room plays a significant role in the sound of your system. You can also try to play with toe in/out. If your pre-pro has a treble control, or EQ, you might simply want to lower the highs a little, though that isn't as good as fixing up the room.

    Their sound won't change by playing them more hours...
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    My initial impression was that the 340SE's were bright, but not painful, as you have experienced. I was immediately impressed by the level of detail and acccuracy, but they still seemed bright to my ears. I changed from a Yamaha RX v1400 receiver to a seperate Boston Acoustics A7200 power amp. That had the effect of creating deeper/tighter bass and a more 3D soundstage, and was bit less bright.

    Over time, I came to realize that my perception was mostly shaped by the sound of my ADS M12 tower speakers that I had been using for the prior 16 years. They had become my reference. Though I tried to use my experience with live music as my reference, I think all of those years listening to the same speakers leaves a deep inprint. After a period of weeks and months, the Ascends no longer seem bright to me. In May, I will have owned them for one year, and I just keep appreciating them even more over time. They will certainly reveal the flaws in badly recorded material, like most pop recordings from the eighties that have a strident - metallic sound. But they will also bring out deepeer layers in the soundscape and reproduce the human voice like speakers costing many thousands. My experience now is that they are accurate and neutural.

    Based on my experience, I would make sure the amp is a good match. I have never heard the Outlaw. I would give them a chance. I suspecct that over time you will be very pleased, unless you have a distinct preference for increased mid-range.

    Please let us know how it goes - hope it works out for you.

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    I agree with both previous responders. It is most likely a combination of room acoustics and placement, along with preferences or ears trained to a previous set of speakers.

    Or maybe the treble control on the pre/pro is jacked way up...

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    Default Yes but now no

    I agree with Galwin that my initial impression was they were a bit bright. Over time that went away and now I think they are perfect. I believe for me it was getting used to what a great speaker provides versus my crap old ones.

    There are certain artists that do come across stronger. The Dixie Chicks Natalie has a specific tonal quality that can come through strong at certain loud levels. I wondered if it was my system but today I had the luck to listen to Gretchen Wilson at lunch and her voice and how it came over the speaker system sounded exactly the same at times. Interesting anyway.


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    Everytime I have changed or added a " piece " of equipment to the system there are changes you're not ready for. Change the receiver or amp, change a set of speakers it ususally doesn't automatically sound better. I don't think I could listen to all the different varieties of styles I like without some EQ, no matter what speakers I listen to. Like said above, placement, floors, walls, etc. react differently now with the new speakers. You more than likely cannot use your " previous " tonal adjustments you have made with the old speakers, which I know sounds obvious. Don't throw em out yet.

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