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Thread: On-wall mountable surround speakers

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    Default On-wall mountable surround speakers

    I'm planning to renovate a 13x11 bedroom into a mini home theater room. Ascend bookshelves as surrounds on stands just isn't practical for space and aesthetics reasons IMO. So my question is are there any plans from Ascend to make an on-wall mountable surround speaker? Something akin to the KEF R8 Meta or Revel S16 would be perfect. If not, are there any recommendations for surrounds that would compliment the ELX series as fronts? Thanks!

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    Default Re: On-wall mountable surround speakers

    You can mount the HTM200SE's on the wall.
    * LG OLED65E6P, BenqHT2050A
    * Anthem AVM90, Rogue ST100, VTV Pascal 7 ch
    * Sierra Towers/Horizon (all ELX RAAL), S2EXv2 surrounds, HTM200SEx4 heights, Rythmik E15HPx2
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    * For RDJ: Anthem MRX720, Sierra LX, Luna Duo v2 center, CXNv2, TBD

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    Default Re: On-wall mountable surround speakers

    The Lunas and Duos are wall mountable as well.

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    Default Re: On-wall mountable surround speakers

    The Luna and KEF R8 Meta are essentially the same size too

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    Default Re: On-wall mountable surround speakers

    I have Luna Duos wall-mounted in my living room as my fronts.
    Luna Duo V2 LR, Titan Horizon V2, and Rythmik L22 & L12 in HT, Sierra-LXs in study, S-2EXs and Duo V2 C in bedroom, S-1 NrTs in dining room, S-1s at work, HTM-200s in kitchen. Brother owns CMT-340s and dad has a pair of CBM-170s.

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