Hello all!

I'm a mid 50's live theater/performance technician (and jack-of-all trades/arts) who's been a longtime budget/second-hand audio hobby enthusiast. This is my first experience with Ascend Acoustics products...

Even though I purchased a pair of Sierra 1-V2's over 6 weeks ago, I didn't have a chance to listen to the pair until just this past weekend.

My ears are still adjusting, and I'm still tweaking for ideal placement/height/angle/sub-integration within my room (if anyone has specific advice on any of that, please let me know), but I wanted to say hi and introduce myself here first.

My last pair of speakers in my space was Revel M16's, which to be honest -- I had a hard time adjusting to their exaggerated bass hump around 100Hz, but after a couple of weeks I adjusted, and in the end I felt like they were very good speakers. They just seemed a little too clinical and lifeless to me...

I will write a full review and post it in these forums soon, but I did want to briefly say that in my quest to find the best pair of speakers under $1k (list price/new), I think I have finally found a winner.

Though I appreciate the fact that a lot of effort went into the science of measuring and creating these speakers, it is the intangible magic that I'm most interested in, and these speakers definitely have it! They seem to breathe when they play music -- they come alive and have so much emotion and depth!

Anyway, I will write a longer review at a later time (probably about 4-6 weeks from now), but I am very glad to join the Ascend Acoustics family of owners and admirers!

And a special thanks to Dave F, for much behind-the-scenes help and advice!