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Thread: Am I benefiting from having RAAL ribbon speakers?

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    Default Re: Am I benefiting from having RAAL ribbon speakers?

    Thanks SunByrne.
    I have a question though. I am using a Parasound Prez3 as a preamp into a Parasound Halo 23+.

    The Preamp has a two options for a subwoofer connection. One is a dedicated sub-out, with no bass management. The other is a variable L & R out. again, with no bass management.

    Somewhere, I read that the L12 is a good choice for a set up with no bass management, but I cannot see the basis for this since it looks no different from some of the other Rhythmik sub inputs.

    Anyway, since my set up has no bass management, I am thinking that using the Variable L & R output into a sub like the L12, will be ok and experimenting with the Sub's low pass filter at around 60 hrz, to start with would be good. Since the EX V2 has very good mid bass and bass extension down to 38 hrz, with some roll-off, I would want to avoid a lot of mid bass overlap in the 80 to 60 hz.

    I realize that it won't be until I get an L12 into my space and experiment with it, will I know what sounds best but 90% of people's set ups include bass management so I thought I'd ask you or anyone who like me, has no bass management.
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