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Thread: Sierra LX Center W-T-W

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    I built a stand for my TV that was oversized (HxWxL) so that I could put my Horizon on the top of the entertainment center under the TV stand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matias View Post
    Hi, I have posted a suggestion on ASR but might as well ask here on the official forums.

    IMO Ascend should release a center speaker with a W-T-W configuration to match the Sierra LX. The Sierra LX Center with its asymmetric W-T configuration triggers my OCD like crazy lol. I would seriously consider this trio for my HT. @davef
    I am sorry but this is not going to happen. We design and manufacture speakers for pure performance, never for looks.

    A woofer-tweeter-woofer version of the LX would retail in the neighborhood of at least $500-$600 more, yet offer no performance benefits over the LX, other than higher sensitivity. It would greatly compromise on directivity, defeating one of the main performance goals of the LX. In simpler terms, our customers would be paying a lot more money for a speaker that performs worse. That isn't how we do business, never have and we never will. Sorry....

    Quote Originally Posted by Matias View Post
    I would still know it's asymmetrical behind the grille, so no way.
    I do not understand why would that even bother you when the speaker is not vertically symmetrical when used as left/right? Our LX is a huge success for us, and the majority of our customers use the LX center. It is a fantastic center, objectively easily outperforming any woofer-tweeter-woofer centers out there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matias View Post
    Funny you say both things. I may be simplistic, but what about using the Duo cabinet sealed in front ported on the back, and using the LX drivers, adjusting the crossover accordingly? Problem solved, right?
    I am confused, how could we possibly fit an LX woofer, which is 6 1/4" in diameter, into a cabinet that is only 5.75". Even if that were somehow possible, to properly accommodate dual LX woofers, the cabinet would have to have twice the internal volume of the LX, it would end up being 28 1/2" wide, 7.5" high and 10.5" deep. This beast would be huge, 5 1/2" wider than our Horizon, likely retail for more than our Horizon V2 with the Titan tweeter, yet the Horizon V2 would handily outperform it for center channel duty.

    In addition, the Duo cabinet is only 6" deep and 16" wide.

    If your OCD demands horizontal symmetry (yet isn't bothered by a lack of vertical symmetry) - use the LX vertically for the center, or go with 340SE2 center, or the forthcoming titan version of the Duo.
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    Default Re: Sierra LX Center W-T-W

    Thanks, David, you are absolutely right. I will think about it more here.
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