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Thread: Crossing over htm200se w/o a 2.1 receiver

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    Default Crossing over htm200se w/o a 2.1 receiver

    I had a couple extra htm-200se and found a small fosi amp to drive them in a small room. Sounds really good but Thinking of getting a small sub for music. Fosi doesnít have a sub out just a preout. Anyone with experience using subís crossover and sound meter to get htm200se to mate to them? Didn't find any threads on this. Trying to figure out if that will work well or I need a different receiver/preamp.

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    Default Re: Crossing over htm200se w/o a 2.1 receiver

    I think it would probably be ok using the controls on a sub (maybe one of the smaller Rythmiks) to integrate with the HTM200's. I'd try that first before investing in another receiver/preamp.

    Depending on budget, if you decide you need another receiver/preamp, might want to look at a miniDSP (e.g. the Flex) to use as a x-over and bass management/eq. I did this with my dual E15s and ELX RAAL Towers for my 2 channel system although the system was pretty good without the Flex (but a little bass heavy at times, which you'll likely not have with the HTMs). The other reason I added the Flex was that I could set up 4 different profiles for music -- 2.1, 2.1 with house curve, 2.0 with bass EQ (so I could use the Towers by themselves), and 2.0 w/o any EQ.
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