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Thread: Looking for replacement for Anthem MRX 300

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    Quote Originally Posted by racrawford65 View Post
    I'm not sure if a few bass traps will help. You might want to talk with GIK or one of the other suppliers and get their recommendations. I do have some GIK bass traps but really haven't measured with/without to see what, if any, improvement they provided.

    Instead of another set of speakers for HT, maybe some sort of speaker selector if you do get a separate integrated for HT. Or, thinking out loud, a separate 2 channel pre (unamplified) and maybe run it through the Analog ins (with no processing, e.g. pure analog) of your MRX?

    I have looked into GIK Actually have thought about doing a Stereo pre with HT bypass to see how it elevates 2 channel. The one in the past leaning toward was the parasound ZPre3 since my external amp is parasound. Maybe should revisit that.

    Since tweaking listening placement the other day which resulted getting things pretty good I was reading more about floor bounce, decided to just throw my big cloth covered bean bag half way between me and the speakers. It actually seemed like it tightened up the bass more!

    Thanks for you inputs!
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    Default Re: Looking for replacement for Anthem MRX 300

    You're welcome.

    I have a stereo pre (Rogue RP5) with HT bypass. Was using it that way for some time but then moved to a source switch (Douk Audio Little Bear) so I could use the XLR preouts from my AVM70 into my amp. So, XLR from 70 to Douk Audio and RCA from RP5 to Douk Audio, then XLR from Douk Audio to amp. Works great, as long as I remember to switch it when I want to watch a movie.
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