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Thread: Amp for new LX's?

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    Default Amp for new LX's?

    I have three LX speakers on their way for a HT L/C/R....

    My AV Receiver is a Denon with 105 Watts/channel (RMS) into 8 ohms, 130 watts into 4 ohms. I'm hoping that will be plenty, but if not do you have any recommendations for an inexpensive Amp?

    I figure it would have to be at least 200 watts/channel into 8 ohms to make a real difference -- and preferably 3 channel to include the Center, but maybe L/R would be where it's needed most.


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    Default Re: Amp for new LX's?

    The Denon should be fine. If not, look into a class d from vtv amplifiers
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    Default Re: Amp for new LX's?

    Hey larson92,

    I agree with racrawford that:

    (1) your Denon should be adequate. Some questions to consider: How far away are you seated from your speakers? What is your preferred volume? Do you listen to music/movies with powerful crescendos, massive swings in dynamic range, etc?

    (2) I also agree that a Class D amplifier would be a great choice. I strongly recommend Buckeye amps. Owner Dylan Launder is like Dave in that he is responsive and candid, and didn't push me to purchase the highest priced amplifiers he offers. All of my correspondence with him has been positive. In fact he steered me away from buying more expensive monoblocks given my tastes in music and preferred listening volume. Instead I bought the two-channel Purifi ET400A and I've been extremely happy with it. In your use case (L/C/R) he offers a three-channel Purifi that was reviewed over on ASR and is highly recommended. However, Dylan also builds less expensive Hypex NCORE multi-channel options like this:
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