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Dual subs (Rythmik F12's) addressed a room issue for my 2EX V2's. I have the 2EX's positioned where they sound the best, but there is a significant dip in frequency response between 50-80hz on their own. I was getting that same dip with a single F12, but adding the 2nd with the ability to locate it in the room where it gave a boost in the 50-80hz range was key. I was then able to correct/EQ the response with the MiniDSP 2x4HD.
Glad this worked out for you.

Having dual subs has had so many benefits for me that I would always recommend the investment, particularly for music lovers who don't have "full range" speakers (or close to it) and/or who also use their systems for movie watching. It provides more listeners with a better deep bass experience from a wider range of listening positions.