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Thread: Sierra 2EXv2 Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by MusicHead View Post
    Since you like Solar Fields, give Jean-Michel Jarre a try. His music was ahead of its time and still very enjoyable today.

    I suggest, in no particular order, these albums to start with:
    Magnetic Fields
    Thanks for your recommendations, MusicHead. I first heard Oxygene 1-6 on LP back in the 80s. Never forgot it - my friend and I cranked it up as loud as possible. Fast forward to the late 90s and I noticed Oxygene 7-13 while browsing CDs. I bought that album and 1-6 on CD. Both sounded very good on the Sierra-1s, but on the 2EXv2, both are even better to my ears. I think we need to add electronica to the list of genres that sound fantastic on the EXv2s. I'll look into the other Jarre albums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davef View Post
    Yep - quite familiar with Jean-Michel Jarre, we have "Concerts in China" disc 1 and disc 2 on our music server here at the office
    Oh, yeah, "The Concerts in China" is the album to own if you only get one. "Souvenir of China" is my favorite from that live album.

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