A little about my audio journey. I first started maybe eight years ago, dabbling with a pair of Kanto Yumis. To see if I really liked something "better than typical stuff" and if it made a difference. Well, it did. So I promptly upgraded to a pair of SVS ultras and an SB-2000.

It's been more than a few years since then, and I wanted to try something new and see if there was really an objective improvement to be had rather than a different sound signature or some other subjective difference.

After asking around a few places, including the AVS forums, I was recommended to check out Ascend Acoustics. So I did. It all looked very promising! So, I decided to order a pair of LX and, fast forward to today, I'm quite happy with my purchase! Haha

I never heard of Ascend before but can now very easily and gladly recommend them to anyone that asks. That upgrade bug is still giving me a small itch and the ELXs are very tempting...so we'll see what happens. They don't really fit in my bedroom but...maybe if I was determined enough, things could change.

Out of curiosity, what's the recommended crossover for the LX? I don't have a subwoofer anymore (the SB-2000 doesn't work anymore) but want to make sure I don't damage the speakers during any of my watching habits (I'm mostly music, but I do game and watch movies in this system too). Is 60hz appropriate? Or should I stick with 80? (Or can these things run full range safely?)

Looking forward to chatting with you all.