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Thread: We Saved The Best For Last!

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    I am eagerly awaiting the imminent arrival of the Horizon cabinets so that I can replace the Duo in my main HT setup. I have the V2 towers and have the V2 Horizon on order. I am on the fence on whether to ask to change the order to the ELX version. It’s a significant amount of coin to go that route so I am guessing I am asking how much performance gain would the ELX provide me? Is it worth it if it is paired with the V2 towers? Edit: 95% of its use will be TV/Movies but who am I kidding, I'll probably go with the V2 for now and then think in the future of upgrading as I would have to wait to save the extra coin. Thanks Dave for making the decision on how much money should part my wallet difficult. . .
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