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Thread: Replacing Logictech Harmony - nothing but problems

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    Default Re: Replacing Logictech Harmony - nothing but problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Blingleberry View Post
    Thanks Gents! I will try the TCP control setting (SHould be on or off?!)

    As for the IR, I have two little logitech harmony IR extenders, that plug into the hub, inside my cabinet. All the equip except the TV is inside a salamander type cab.

    One extender sits near the front of the Anthem which is on the right. The other is near the back of the TV which is on top of the cabinet. And the Hamony hub is inside the left part of the cabinet near the cable box. So all 3 areas should be getting strong IR. ALthough

    As I understand it my logitech remote talks to the hub non-infrared - ie there's no need for line of site.
    TCP should be on.

    I would try the hub on top of the salamander cabinet, and that should be more than enough for the TV.

    Then try both the extenders in the cabinet.

    My console has no doors and everything works without IR extenders.

    Correct, the hub is on wifi. So that is how I know the iPhone communicates to it. I think the remotes communicate via Bluetooth tp the hub, and that is also how it communicates to the AppleTV.

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    Default Re: Replacing Logictech Harmony - nothing but problems

    I don't see an Anthem setting specifically for TCP in the setup menus. The Anthem is hardwired to my ethernet hub though.

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    Default Re: Replacing Logictech Harmony - nothing but problems

    Section 5.7 of the manual or under NETWORK in the WebUI. Note, my AVM70 is hard-wired, as well, and the TCP is 14999 but grayed out.
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