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Thread: ATS acoustic panels

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    Just a follow-up and I wish to extend my appreciation to Robert in our discussion...on the subject of room treatments.

    My list as follows>
    1- 24x48 4" bass trap wall mount.
    2- 24x48 2" vertical panels for LR of display.
    2- 12x24 2" horizontal panels for above & below display.
    Last point of emphasis will be to buy room darkening, sound proofing drapes to cover the 6'x8' ft window+ shutters...due to the reflective nature of glass and PVC shutters.

    Just waiting on some samples and go from there. I enjoy the relationship and assistance you get via forums like this. Just a great community we have here in general.
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    Default Re: ATS acoustic panels

    My pleasure, Billy.
    Looks like a good list to me.
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