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Thread: Passive preamps

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    Default Passive preamps

    Have any of you experimented with passive preamps? From what I've read, with the right associated equipment/speakers, they can be very good, and an improvement over active, as far as purity and fidelity to the source.

    The Sierra towers I have are quite sensitive, so that shouldn't be an issue.

    Other than that, I have a dvd player, cd player, and Netflix audio as sources. And a 60 watt Adcom amp, and I listen at modest volume levels to mostly acoustic music.

    I've been looking at the Bellari PP352 - it has 4 inputs, which I like, and mostly very good reviews at a decent price.
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    Default Re: Passive preamps

    I had an Acurus DIA 100 integrated that had a passive preamp. I liked it with my Snell Type D's

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