Recently purchased a new Degritter. It replaces the Vinyl Stack/40kHZ Chinese US cleaner I was using before. Still have the VPI 16.5 as well.

I really like the convenience of the Degritter. Washes, then dries, in one cycle. Preprogrammed wash cycles (quick, medium, heavy) and adjustable dry time and fan power. I've recleaned about 150 LPs since I got it a week or so ago. I've been using the heavy cycle with distilled water + 1 ml of the Degritter cleaning fluid. Takes around 9 1/2 minutes to do one album, which I could probably shorten a bit by reducing drying time/increasing fan power. Sometimes a bit longer if the Degritter's water cooling cycle kicks in (adds a few minutes as it reduces the US tank water temperature, but the cleaning cycle resumes automatically).

In short, I think the Degritter does an excellent job. I find that LPs are quieter and sound even better than when cleaned via my previous set-up. I've played a few newly cleaned albums and essentially no more clicks/pops, even on the lead-in / lead-out grooves (although depending on the lp, there were still one or two clicks/pops in these grooves).

For the new records I bought recently, I do clean first on my VPI using a Tergikleen solution, followed by double rinse. Then into the Degritter.