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Thread: howdy from Texas!

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    Yeah, what he said. I have my xover at 80Hz, but my 340s do not go as low as the 2EX and they are really not in a great position bass-wise (too close to the back wall).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jrh View Post
    greetings from our Lone Star state! received my Sierra 2EX's in black satin bamboo last week. so far I'm very impressed with them. I'm going to let them play for a while, then I'll add my Rythmik L12 sub to the equation. Never have had a ribbon tweet before, but man these RAAL ribbons are very good....
    Welcome to the family and thanks for putting your confidence in us. Yep - those RAAL ribbons are quite special
    Good Sound To You!

    David Fabrikant

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    Quote Originally Posted by RidgePi View Post
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