Has anyone used both the miniDSP and DSPeaker Antimode for sub integration/room correction?

I currently use a miniDSP 2x4HD that does a really good job integrating/correcting my subs, although it does take a bit of work. I've been reading up on the Antimode which looks to be a very good system and automated. Thinking about picking one up to use with my new preamp (when it arrives) to integrate subs into this. From what I can tell, the miniDSP is a bit more flexible

My other options are:
a) use line-in on the subs with on-board crossover/phase/etc.
b) find a stereo to mono summing cable (these have resistors built in to deal with current output - can't just use a normal y) and use the 2nd input on existing miniDSP.
c) pick up a second miniDSP for the music system