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Thread: Best TVs for playing video games

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    I don't have a particular TV recommendation per se, but I want to give a little advice for people looking for a TV that will be used for playing lots of video games or for PC monitor. (Lots of people don't realize these things until its too late!)

    1. Look at the input lag rating from a review site like RTINGS. Input lag describes how quickly the picture responds when you press a button on your controller. Believe it or not, some TVs are pretty bad at this. The lower, the better. Given in terms of milliseconds.

    2. Be careful and think twice before buying an OLED TV if you plan on playing games where the game has static pictures on the screen for long periods of time. OLED, at the time of this post, still has burn-in issues AFAIK (I keep re-researching this periodically). OLED looks beautiful, but be careful with using one as a PC monitor or video game TV. YMMV. (They are pretty)

    3. A good compromise TV, in my opinion, is an LCD-based TV with full array local dimming technology. I've seen a Vizio P series TV in the dark that was very nice with contrast. There are probably other brands out there with good "FALD" TVs. These TVs can produce a very nice image.
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