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Thread: Lion King (2019)

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    Default Lion King (2019)

    Wife and I watched the Lion King (2019 version) today.
    Absolutely gorgeous picture on our LG OLED65 and sound was incredible on our Ascends (Towers, Luna Duo, S2 surrounds, HTM200s ATMOS heights) even though I've not rerun Genesis since getting the Duo.

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    I have forgotten about these new Disney movies! I've got some catching up to do. I need to see that and the new Aladdin movie.

    "It's the cirrrrrcle of liiiiiife!"

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    The reimagined version of The Lion King is highly recommended! It was lovely! was a really nice homage to a movie we all loved as kids, and I was extremely surprised with how much justice, respect, and attention to detail they gave to the original film—especially the songs, which were sung in a way that was both familiar and new. They also made such excellent vocal selections for the songs and the character voices, I thought.
    Even most of the character likenesses were quite accurate!
    I wish they had included a couple tiny moments or songs, but they were really just very minor ones.

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