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Thread: Sierra 2EX upgrade kit questions

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    Default Re: Sierra 2EX upgrade kit questions

    That's strange.

    I've done probably more of these than anyone who doesn't actually work at Ascend (I have four pairs of Sierra bookshelves and not a single one of them currently hold the components they shipped with), and I've not really had that level of problem getting the tweeters out. I've had a couple that were a little reluctant, but nothing that couldn't be solved by tilting the speaker forward and either just thumping the cabinet or prying a little on the edge of the faceplate. (Make sure you have a towel or something so the tweeter has a soft landing.)
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    Default Re: Sierra 2EX upgrade kit questions

    I think we may be tied or may even have you beat, SunByrne.
    I believe my count is:
    * ELX Tower/Horizon upgrades: 9 drivers & 3 cross-overs
    * S2 to S2EXv2: 2 drivers & 2 cross-overs (plus a tweeter swap on 1 that I blew a couple of years prior to the upgrade)
    * Duo v2: 1 cross-over

    I do agree it's strange. The tweeter (or drivers) should come out with a little finesse.
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    Default Re: Sierra 2EX upgrade kit questions

    Yeah....upgrades add up quick. I earned my Ascend upgrade merit badge for the following:

    1 pair of Sierra v1 towers to ELX + 1 Horizon v1 to ELX, along with a Horizon ribbon tweeter swap out to send to Dave (it ended up not being torn or having debris in it....just a cosmetic only "wrinkle"), but Dave swapped out the ribbon and it works great. 2 crossovers for the Sierra 2 EX to EX v2, and two crossovers for Luna v1 to v2. Honestly, I liked the Horizon upgrade the best as I could just place it on a table and work at my desk. That one was the most enjoyable for me as soldering was involved AND everything fit perfectly.

    Only one tower gave me a ton of grief as it was just big enough to hold the original drivers, let alone the new ELX drivers.....they were stuck in there pretty well. I had one Sierra EX woofer that was also more challenging than the other. The screw method did not work on these like the others, but I used a small dental pick to gently pull on the driver at each screw hole, along with a narrow plastic prying tool used for laptop/mobile repairs in the hole as well. I also had it tilted downwards as I gently "pried" at each screw location to use gravity as my ally.

    I had a towel directly underneath the driver to gently catch it when it decided to drop and just in case I got clumsy. My wife helped as an extra set of hands to angle that tower, but the bookshelf speaker was more manageable. A little extra work involved, but not too bad thankfully.
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    Default Re: Sierra 2EX upgrade kit questions

    Quote Originally Posted by falkon View Post
    I don't know if this is relevant to this thread but I'm trying to rotate my tweeters in my Sierra 2 (nonEX) for horizontal placement. I can't seem to get the tweeter out. I removed the 4 Phillips screws and tried flipping it over and couldn't get them to budge. I even tried putting a stick into the soundport and tapping on the cork backing of the tweeter mount (not the tweeter itself. It just won't budge. Any suggestions?

    I shouldn't have to remove the hex screws holding the tweeter itself in right?
    Hi Falkon,

    Sometimes the gasket in between the phenolic isolator / spacer bonds to the cabinet due to suction (it means it is doing its job). Once you break that seal, it should be quite easy.

    I recommend picking up a cheap dental pick like this:

    Insert one end of the pick into one of the holes where you removed the screws, get the tip behind the tweeter (you will have to feel it) - wiggle/twist the pick around a bit and pull. If it still doesn't come loose, repeat this in each screw hole. You shouldn't have any issues.
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    Default Re: Sierra 2EX upgrade kit questions

    That Horizon is the one I'm looking at to replace my 340SEC.
    Been thinking about it since it came out, but the 340SEC is underrated.. hardly anyone talks about it.
    It's a decent CC.
    The Horizon is pretty pricey, otherwise, I would already own it...size means nothing here, No old lady to complain.

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