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I just placed my order for a Sierra 2EX. The lady who answered the phone was very helpful and informative. I learned about the Sierra 2EX from the Hoffman forum.

The Sierra 2EX will replace my 5-year old Epos K1s, which I bought used from my local dealer as a "place holder" until I can afford a decent speaker. Well, I couldn't really find much fault about the Epos, even after auditioning a Proac Tablette and Harbeth P3ESR before the pandemic. Having read great reviews and after much "research", I think the Sierra 2EX is the ticket for me.

I will be using the Sierra 2EX with a Rega Elex-R and a REL T5i. My only concern is that I have very limited space; the speakers will have be placed about 10" from a rear wall. I will have to make compromises but that is the price of living in the Bay Area. I am looking forward to participating in this community.
Thanks so much for placing your order and welcome to our forum!

10" of clearance behind the speakers is plenty, especially if you will be high passing the speakers. Still, even if running them full range, 10" will not be a problem.