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Thread: My former stereo system

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    Theres nothing quite like your first... I still remember mine like it were yesterday. You had quite a two channel set up, I'm sure it was no easy decision to part with it! Gotta love the vintage equipment!

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    I had a couple of wonderful two channel systems back in the 70's and early 80's. These were the speakers.
    These were purchased in 1977. Nice to see they were reintroduced.
    I moved in 1979 and the Allison's were not appropriate for the new house so the ADS 810-II's were the new "kids."

    When my 340's get here and become my mains in the home theatre, I'll once again have a two channel in my study. The Mission 761's that are currently my mains in the HT will get new duty in the study. Dave F. says another couple weeks for the 340's and stands to be delivered.
    Can't wait.
    My first foray into "high end" audio was somewhat of a disaster. In 1972 I bought **** 901's. They sucked then and they still do. That was the last time marketing made my audio decision for me. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Now back to the regularly scheduled programing.


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