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Thread: Sierra-2

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    Default Re: Sierra-1 NrT: Next phase?

    I don't trust youtube reviews. Period. And the guys offering sound demos for yt viewers to compare for themselves is utterly ridiculous. There's no way you can do a proper comparison listening to a yt video.

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    Default Re: Sierra-1 NrT: Next phase?

    The industry has definitely changed over the years, some good, some bad....I've seen some great Youtube reviews that I take into some consideration. However, my preference is on full transparency: Did they buy them or were they sent to them for review? Did they receive compensation for the review? All of these items factor into my decision.

    In addition, some audio review sites have sort of turned into a gamer-like culture of just benchmarks. It's no different than processor or GPU reviews. Is 5 FPS really going to matter when it already pushes well beyond what is visibly detectable? Some get caught up just in the specs and forget the real world factors that can make or break a system in a big way (speaker placement, room acoustics, etc). In computer's sort of like making the mistake of buying a huge GPU only to really cheap out on the power supply. Again, there’s some good and bad to that process as well. Benchmarks can be helpful, but when not taken into the correct context, it may also hurt. In the end, listening is done with our ears and as a hobby, we need to take time to actually enjoy it too!

    Hopefully we'll find that happy middle ground.
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