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Thread: How does Serria 2 compair to others

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    Default How does Serria 2 compair to others


    My reasoning for starting this thread was to get your opinions on my speaker options/choices. This system will either be a 2.0 or a 2.1 with a rhythmic f12 or f15 and Ill be using a Luxman L-80v intergrated.

    Speakers Ive been hearing lots of good things about, maybe someone can shed some light on each. My budget is 1500-3000 Canadian.

    serria 2's ( will cost close to 2400 canadian with exchange rate and shipping)
    dynaudio c1( only reason I am considering is there used and will cost about 3000 canadian)
    jade 3 -?
    revel 3
    sonus faber olympica l

    Heard some Tad speakers not to long ago, now that was a treat!

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    Default Re: How does Serria 2 compair to others

    I just purchased a set of Sierra 2's today, and have a Rhythmik F12 SE. In the last several months, I've had an opportunity to demo a set of Revel Ultima Gems and I find the Sierra 2's on par in terms of detail and soundstage.
    Can't speak to the other speakers, but I read mixed reviews on Dynaudios. They make amazing studio monitors, but people don't seem enthralled with their Home Audio Stuff. Same applies to Focal Home audio as well.

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    The Dynaudios's woofer is in a complete different performance class in terms of bass extension and integration with the tweeter--it's a 1st order crossover and basically acts like a point source. Tweeter wise, it's much more laid back, and tends make everything sound smooth.

    S2s are also quite tonally different from the C1s. Compared to the C1s they sound brighter and much leaner, with more details in the highs. The C1s are have a ton of more bass extension and slam and are much warmer.

    If you are considering used, I have seen Paradigm Performa Bs go used for around $4000. I've heard demos in show rooms and they have the slam and bass extension of the C1s but also have much more treble extension, the best of both worlds. I think they might be the best 2-way monitor you can buy right now.

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    Default Re: How does Serria 2 compair to others

    With a 2.1 setup, bass extension on your mains becomes much less critical with a dedicated sub.

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    I have a Martin-Logan setup with Motion40/4/sub and center. I was looking for a richer sound. Does anyone have a set of Sierra 2 towers in the Munster Indiana area that they are willing to let me hear?

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