Hi Joe,

Thanks for considering our products and I happy to assist you!

You do have a somewhat large room but since your listening area is confined to a 14 x 14 space, the CBM-170s would be perfect. In such a large room and since bass wavelengths are much longer than midrange wavelengths, I do recommend a high output powered sub. Knowing the SVS models like I do, I think you are in good shape

Regarding power, it is in my opinion that because of marketing, power ratings have become a little absurd. The CBM-170 is about 90dB efficient in an average sized room at 1 meter at 1 watt. At as little as 50 watts of good clean power, the CBM-170 will produce 107dB at 1 meter. Or about 100dB at 2 meters. That is very loud.

At 25 watts, you are still over 100dB at 1 meter, and, still over 100dB at 2 meters if 2-channels are driven.

I would honestly say that 50 watts for the fronts and 25 watts for the rears (using your Nad) is perfect. Remember, you will also be using a self powered subwoofer which takes much of strain off of your receiver, provided you set the speakers to small, which is recommended.

Take care!

Good Sound To You!

David Fabrikant