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Thread: Sierra Horizon (Sierra Tower Center)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunByrne View Post
    Man, folks are excited for this stuff...

    While that's all in good fun, I have to wonder. Dave, you've been releasing new stuff at a furious pace lately. The LXs. V2 upgrades for Lunas, Duos, and EXs. New 340s. Hints at new Horizon and new Towers. Have you ever released so many things so quickly before? I've been a customer and active on this forum for about a dozen years now, and I don't remember anything quite like this. You must be keeping Dina crazy busy...
    That Klippel must be running 24/7

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    Quote Originally Posted by davef View Post
    Yes, in fact - we are going to start discussing this over the holiday weekend and actual shipping will start this coming Monday.... This is a big one, we have saved the best for last
    The suspense is killing me.....I've got the drum roll started and the confetti ready for your upcoming "speaker reveal" party.....

    Definitely an exciting time to be an Ascend fan, but it won't be easy on the wallet....

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    Me too! I check here every day waiting for an update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkdc View Post
    Seeing how Dave is using his Klippel NFS in speaker design, one would expect the tower upgrade to be designed with Klippel measurements. Unless he can somehow figure out a way to improve dispersion, the one area for improvement to my ears is bass performance. I'm already running dual sealed subs with the towers. I am curious how much better the towers can get. The clarity of the mid frequencies has always been the strength of the towers. Can it get any better?
    Yeah it will get better hope for the best my friend. I believe good hopes leads us to better results.

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