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    I have an old (30+ years) antenna on my roof. Yesterday I got rid of the 300ohm cable and replaced it with coax. To my utter surprise and amazement I now have a fantastic HD picture for my local channels, and a few stations from the Bay area as well! I am also wirelessly streaming Netflix.
    Goodbye ATT Uverse and your $95.00 a month bill. Counting the Netflix charge I will be saving 85 bucks a month.

    Life is good.


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    Jim...I have been thinking about doing something like that as well.

    We have good OTA reception in the area, so I thought about getting a TiVo since a DVR is a must and pay the $12/mo TiVo fee.

    I have Netflix, and have been trying plenty of content there.

    What I end up missing is the cable sports channels, ESPN being the biggest, and the local sports stuff...Lakers, Dodgers, UCLA, etc. Those are the ones that are hard to give up.

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