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Thread: Proper subwoofer distance setting

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    Thanks for the suggestion, I will give that a try. It sounds really good as it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RythmikAudiso View Post
    YOu can go into AVR speaker configuration and adjust subwoofer distance to be up to 3ft further than what it actually is, assuming you use LINE-IN. If you set crossover to 80hz, the full wavelength is about 12ft. Sound speed is 1100ft/sec. So half of that (6ft) is phase inversion. So you can easily do a +3ft to -3 ft scan with 1 ft at a time. You should notice the sound change while trying phentermine over the counter in the mid bass area. With correct phase adjustment (which we here use distance adjustment to achieve the same goal), you should hear the midbass firms up. The next adjustment is the sub level. You can also do that via AVR menu. Too much midbass will make the kick drums sound like they are in your face, or sound like they are in front of other instruments. But a more natural reproduction is the kick drums should sound like they are from behind other instruments.
    Obviously the primary job of the distance setting is setting a delay relative to your other speakers.
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