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Thread: What are you listening to? (Music)

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    Quote Originally Posted by davef View Post
    I have yet to listen to any of the spatial stuff. I don't have Apple TV, is there another way?
    Quote Originally Posted by davef View Post
    sorry for any confusion, didn't mean multi-channel music, I was referring to actual Spatial Audio which is designed specifically for 2 channel listening.

    Many, many years ago - I was privileged to a private audition of a similar technology that a mentor of mine was involved with. This was at least 35-years ago and it thoroughly impressed me. It later became known as QSound.
    Quote Originally Posted by racrawford65 View Post
    thanks for the clarification and link, Dave. I guess Curtis' post confused me as it looks like it was playing through multiple speakers, just not the front mains.

    I skimmed through the link and seems to be an interesting technology. Will probably do some further research on it.

    Hi Guys...I completely missed these replies.

    The Apple Spatial stuff I was listening was via 5.1 with my Apple TV and Anthem AVM 70. The Anthem showed the signal as Atmos. It sounds great.

    I guess I need to try Apple Spatial Music with my iPhone and iPod Pros.
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    My understanding is that Apple spatial audio is rendered to whatever you have. So if you have 2-channel (e.g., headphones) it'll compute a rendering for that. And if you have 12-channel Atmos, it'll render across all 12 channels.

    My experience (running off an Apple TV) with my Atmos setup is that it's really hit or miss. Some things don't make much use of the spatial, or worse, make bad use of it; it can be just a gimmick. And some of it is really sublime, just a much different experience. It really depends on the mixing/mastering.

    I just upgraded from 5.2.2 to 5.2.4 (and went to better height speakers) and have been doing a bunch of spatial listening lately. Peter Gabriel's most recent i/o album is truly excellent in this regard. He's kind of known as a perfectionist so it's not a surprise, but it really is great.
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