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Thread: Any LCD flat panel recommendations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mag_Neato
    One thing. I have a prog-scan SD DVD player. Should I pick up a cheap upconverting model, or wait until an affordale HD-DVD/Blu-ray player surfaces?
    Your new TV can probably upscale as well or better than any upscaling DVD player. This issue is argued to death on the video forums with converts on both sides of the issue. I have both a prog-scan (Panasonic) and a upconverting Toshiba DVD player. I use component cables with the Panasonic and an HDMI cable with the Toshiba. I've been experimenting now for a couple of months and I'm still on the fence. I use AVIA in both instances to calibrate. If you do buy an upconverting player, don't look for much, if any improvement. The new LCD's are really doing a better job than the earlier models in a number of areas including upconversion.


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    More good info....thanks!

    I know it upconverts SD signals from broadcast/cable to near HD, but it did not even cross my mind that it did so with DVD's. Guess I'll continue using my old Pioneer 563A!

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    Default Any LCD flat panel recommendations

    Hey guys, im into CF lately, i need some help with the CF..... It doesnt start anymore, its some sort of gameguard problem...any suggestions? just let me know..

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