When we released the CBM-170 back in February 2000, our goal was to introduce a loudspeaker that broke new ground within the industry; something quite unique and never before seen at these price points.

A loudspeaker that met and even surpassed many of the standards used for designing some of the most renowned loudspeakers available at any price.

I labored tirelessly 5-7 days a week for over a year and often working 12 hours or more per day. I sampled hundreds of woofers and tweeters, threw out more completed designs than I care to remember. Finally I felt I got it just right… every measurement I took confirmed what I heard, this speaker will favorably compete with just about any loudspeaker out there for the bandwidth it was designed to reproduce.

The rest was history... review after review and thousands upon thousands of ecstatic customers, the CBM-170 and its big brother, the CMT-340, were in a class by themselves.

6 years later... our products have been taken apart piece by piece and closely scrutinized and evaluated by nearly everyone. Our many competitors have made attempts at copying our design philosophies and techniques, only proving without any question that Ascend sets the performance standard for an affordable loudspeaker.

Time to leave the competition in the dust; again

I am pleased to announce the completion of a 2 year project.

Advanced technological improvements for our woofers and tweeters + enhanced engineering capability (thanks to our improved on-site audio lab) = ground breaking and standard setting performance, once again!!!

our new lab

Introducing our CBM-170 and CMT-340 Signature Editions