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    CMT-340 and CMT-340c Signature Editions:

    The CMT-340 SE and CMT-340 SE center use new high-definition 27mm chambered tweeters built by SEAS of Norway. This new tweeter offers all the same performance improvements as the new CBM-170 SE tweeter and the two are perfectly timbre matched. In fact, it uses the exact same 27mm diaphragm as the 170 SE tweeter. The only real difference is that this tweeter uses a larger faceplate and a much larger ferrite magnet (compared to the much smaller neodymium tweeter).

    This true audiophile chambered tweeter offers cleaner and more detailed highs and addresses what I feel was perhaps the only weakness of the original 340 tweeter. At very high volume levels, the original 340 tweeter could start to sound a bit harsh… details would tend to blend together and lose separation, lose “distinctness”. This new tweeter offers a flatter response with greater high-frequency extension, a much lower resonant frequency and much higher power handling. It is also better damped due to a ferrofluid filled voice coil gap.

    We have also incorporated upgraded woofers into the 340 SE while also lowering the port tune of the cabinet by approximately 10Hz. What exactly does this mean? Something I have been wanting to say for a while now.. go ahead... run them full-range all day long if you wish

    The lower port tune means lesser cone movement at lower frequencies and the increase in woofer excursion means greater control and improved low frequency performance.

    Many of you enjoy running the original CMT-340 full range without a subwoofer for music. I have never recommended it knowing the limitations of the original aerogel woofers. It is an entirely different situation with the 340 SE.

    Brief summary of overall performance improvements:

    • Improved high-frequency extension, transparency and smoothness
    • Deeper bass with faster transient response, noticeably more "punch"
    • Class-leading low distortion measurements
    • Higher power-handling

    Combination ground plane (for accurate LF response) + on-axis (for accurate HF response) at 1 meter.

    sensitivity = 90dB @ 1w @ 1 meter
    response = 48Hz to 24kHz +/- 3dB
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