View Full Version : Behringer Foot Pedals - are they really this bad??!!!

01-23-2021, 02:36 PM
I own some other behringer pedal (https://www.stereoshore.com/best-behringer-pedals/) and its never let me down...

so i got me a Behringer CS100 compressor/sustainer the other day... because I baulked at the more than twice the price Boss CS3 which was the alternative...

but the noise of this pedal. oh my god.. its practically unusable. the actual compression/sustain etc seems fine and it all works ok but the additional hum is way way too loud.

anyone else experiencing this?

or could it be that im using the provided power supply also, which has a german 2pin plug, so no earth pin..
is this a 50Hz issue im hearing here?? im not too well up on this stuff but i know the 50hz thing can kick in sometimes...

anyone else experiencing this??


01-23-2021, 02:48 PM
I have no experience with this specific pedal, but I too have other stuff from them and never had issues.

Have you simply tried how it works with a 9V battery (make sure it is a fresh one)?

That will quickly determine if it is a cheapo/defective power supply or if it is the pedal itself to be bad.