View Full Version : New Ascend member with equipment/DSD questions

08-15-2013, 07:58 AM

Iím a new member on this forum and soon to be part of the Ascend family. Will be purchasing the towers soon. With that said, I have decided to purchase the following components:

1. Marantz SR6007 (or 5007). The only real difference in these, that I can see is the DSD over HDMI offered by the SR6007. However, is it really worth it? I do plan on playing a number of SACDís.

2. Oppo BDP-103. Can I still go the analog route with the Oppo right into the SR6007/5007?

Is converting the DSD to PCM for delivery to the receiver the best way to handle DSD streams? Iím assuming if the DAC in the receiver can support DSD natively and the speakers are capable of running full range for the main channels, it can be a benefit as the signal does not have to go through the extra conversion processes.

Thank you,