View Full Version : blackberry remote stereo gateway

01-04-2012, 12:11 PM
so for the holidays i asked for this little gem (a bluetooth remote stereo gateway,) this particular box was packaged with the power (standard mini usb to a dc adapter) and audio connections (stereo 3.5mm to 3.5 or dual rca, came with two cables)

it was basically plug and play:
i hooked it up to my receiver and turned it on, I turned on bluetooth on my phone (it uses the a2dp stack of bluetooth, so configured laptops also can utilize this) and it paired without much further prompting. the unit can remember pairings (up to 8 I believe) and played music flawlessly, wirelessly. it sounded fantastic to me (a2dp has up to a theoretical 512kb stereo bit rate, 48khz sampling). i ended up playing music from google music (which wirelessly streams the music to the phone from their servers) and it outputted to my stereo no problem.

there are many bluetooth stereo gateways out there, but this one has been rated highest for a while now; there are ofcourse alternate technologies (airplay, wifi) but this is what suites my equipment best right now, and remains absolutely simple and is rather small. i'm tempted to get my car one of these :)

i highly recommend.