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07-19-2009, 07:38 PM
I have finally settled on interconnects for my 2-channel systems. I purchased these from ebay, and I find them to be great sounding, and a great value.
1- trueline audio, solid core magnet wire 18 gauge cables. These cables are one of the most liveliest cables I have ever heard. These cables also produced an unusually extra wide sound stage.
2 - Aural Harmony Silver Sonnet cables These 99.999% solid core silver 24 gauge wires give a well balanced, nicely focused, with great spacing of instruments, and a black background, allowing me to easily see into the music.

Both cables can be custom ordered to length which is what I had done and buld quality is excellent. I use 24" and 30' lengths.and saved some money.

I actually am running these cables mixed. The magnets are used between CD player and preamp, and the Sonnets between pre and power amp. This seems to work best for me.

I am quite pleased I did not have have to spend a great deal of money for really good sounding Interconnects.