View Full Version : Denon 3808ci vs Onkyo 875

02-02-2008, 09:04 AM
I got an offer on my current AVR that I can not refuse,
My original need was for added HDMI inputs (only 2in/1out now).
was going to get the Oppo (3in/1out) HDMI switcher.
But then thought maybe this is the time to upgrade the AVR.

So I'm starting my research::
I'm thinking about the Denon 3808ci and the Onkyo 875,
(perhaps after doing my taxes I could think about: 4308ci vs 905)

The three areas I would first like to tackle are:
1: Sound quality
2: video chipset (Faroudja vs Reon)
3: DAC (older vs newer Burr Brown)

Any likes, dislikes, druthers, rants, or .....??????


My current 5.1 system:
Denon 987 AVR
Pioneer Elite Pro 1140HD
Ascend Sierra-1 L/C/R
Ascend CBM-170SE surrounds
generic sub
Oppo 981HD DVD
DirecTV HD21-700
Sony M555ES[/FONT]

av ed
05-14-2008, 12:26 AM
I'd say the Onkyo is a better match for the Sierra 1. The Sierra has a very non fatiguing and somewhat underdamped sound in the highs. Powered with my Denon 3806 the sound erred a bit too much in that direction for my tastes. With the Onkyo 905 the highs tightened up and had more grip. That's just how I feel.... your opinion could differ and some may say the Denon has a more delicate/extended high frequency response. I have not heard the 3808ci, but will be selling my 3806.

The Onkyo definitely has better video processing, a more ergonomic design (and better remote), along with a bigger sound with better bass in my setup.