View Full Version : Spyder TV/Monitor calibration: Lee?

12-02-2005, 04:29 PM
I just saw on HDNet "What's Kewl at CEDIA 2005" a blurb about the Spyder TV/monitor calibration gadget, which looks kinda interesting. Apparently, it attaches to the middle of whatever screen you want to calibrate (e.g. TV or computer monitor), run a DVD, then the device helps select video settings to calibrate, rather than relying on your own eyes. Lee, on your website I noticed that you've used it. Do you recommend it? Easy to use? Worth the money?

For some reason, I can't drum up the courage/energy to attempt to use DVE or Avia to calibrate my TV and computer monitor (wife's really into photography).

BTW, it was kinda neat in a nerdy way to see the short interviews of some of the AVS mods (David Bott, Ken H) in the "What's Kewl..." show.