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10-20-2003, 11:18 AM
Chris, I've heard only good things about the Outlaw line. I'm sure that they would be a good match (but I've never heard any).

10-21-2003, 12:50 AM
I run a 1050 as a pre/pro into a Lexicon NT512 (125@8ohms X 5) with audiophile results. Before the Lexicon was added, I was happy with the 1050 as a receiver. The extra power added a good deal of low end extension. Haven't heard your combo but I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised. Besides, both companies offer a thirty day free trial. You've nothing to lose.


10-21-2003, 03:19 AM
I am a bit surprised that there aren't more people using this equipment, since the companies seem similar at least as far as "Bang for the Buck" goes. The separates are a bit more pricey than a lot of receivers though, so maybe that is part of it.

02-17-2004, 07:51 AM
A few months late and a different model than you were asking about, but I've been using an Outlaw 770 amp with my Ascends for about a week now.

As I'm using my old receiver (Denon 4802R) as the pre-amp, I didn't expect a huge difference, but I'm pleased with the difference I am hearing. The bottom end is just much more solid, making up for some of the limitations in my HT room (hard wood floors, rugs aren't an option due to a couple of very annoying cats who piss on anything left on the floor...but anyway...)

I've also noticed a few sounds in songs that I swear weren't there before. I was having a bit of a problem with a ground loop hum when I first hooked everything up. After isolating and removing the problem, I put on some music and during one song this strange buzz popped up again. At first I was really annoyed, then I noticed it was a quiet bagpipe that I'd never heard in the song, but it was listed in the liner notes.

Getting into the more esoteric, "complex" music (classical, prog) seems to sound "better" than before. That might just be the better low end, but there seems to be something more to it. If I were a true audiophile, I'd probably throw out a half dozen terms that mean jack, but "better" works for me...

For movies, again the bottom end is a bit more pronounced, and I'm of the opinion that dialog in movies is a bit clearer than before.

On the negative side, my wife doesn't like the way the 770 looks. While she actually prefers the Ascends to other speakers (she thinks wood veneer looks cheesy), the 770 is a "huge black box with a glowing green light". When I first got the Ascends, she immediately mentioned how good they sounded, but with the 770, she just keeps staring at it...Fortunately, I get to keep my toys if I like 'em, since I let her keep the cats.


03-04-2004, 05:14 AM

Outlaw produces some VERY good equipment. I run a 1050 with my 170's with excellent results. My system is mismatched all around:
CBM-170's L/R, B&W original 600 center, RA Labs micromonitor surrounds(Company was mail order, no longer around), and a psb Subsonic 3 12"-180 watt sub. My room is approx. 13'x 18'x 8' and I've never had a problem with too little power. My neighbor told me
my system sounds "GREAT", and they haven't even been in my home[:D]

The 1050 has been retired from Outlaw after a long & succesful run.
There will be a replacement due out sometime around fall.

I have not heard the 950 pre/pro w/700 series amp, but I imagine it would sound incredible with the Ascend's. Give the combo a try and let us know your thoughts!



07-31-2004, 09:18 PM
This thread has been dormant for a while, so I thought I'd wake it up.
I have been looking at amps lately. I had my eye on an ATI AT2007.
Recently, I heard that ATI actually builds Outlaws amps, including the
770. Both the Outlaw and the ATI are 200wpc x 7 channels. Both, apparently are made by ATI. The price difference is about $1200.00.
Does anyone more tech-savvy than myself know what the differences
are with these two amps? Is the price difference evidenced in the build,
or is it brand name related? I've seen photos of the innards of both,
and damned if I can see a difference.

And does anyone here have any information about Gemstone amps? They're an internet-direct company that just recently released a 200x 7 entry that has users raving, but apparently there is some controversy brewing on the forums...


08-02-2004, 12:48 AM
Have you posted this question over on the Outlaw forum? Seems like a logical place to ask. Don't know about Gemstone as I am not researching amps right now.........not in the budget! My Outlaw 1050 has 6 channels at 65W/ch., but they rate it as 65W/ch, 3 channels driven. It has plenty of power for my setup, especially when used with a subwoofer. My neighbors commented on how good it sounds....and they haven't even been in my house!!!


08-02-2004, 01:14 AM
Also to note, although ATI builds the amps for Outlaw, the designs are a bit different.


08-02-2004, 01:38 AM
Just looked at Outlaw's site, and they're running a B-stock special
on all they're equipment. The model 770 amp is going for $1549.00 +
free ground shipping. Not bad!


08-03-2004, 10:56 AM
i'd REALLY like to pickup a 1050 for my bedroom. just can't find the darn things!