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  1. Greetings
  2. jvillas here
  3. Hey there, DaveHo checking in
  4. Audio noob
  5. Greetings from Georgia
  6. Hi from Canada
  7. Another Canuck
  8. Hey
  9. Howdy from Texas
  10. Hello!
  11. Greetings!
  12. S'up?
  13. Checking in from Denver, CO - looking for audition
  14. Hello There Ascend Community
  15. Fab -- now without lemon freshened Borax!
  16. Gary from Folsom, Ca
  17. Hello, from Chris in Kent,WA
  18. Hello to everyone from Seminole, FL.
  19. Hello from Jacksonville Florida
  20. Hello from the Great NE-Philly area:
  21. Hello from Ottawa, Canada
  22. Hello from Tampa
  23. Hello from Little Rhodey
  24. Hello from Brandon FL, with Before and After!
  25. Hi from Utah!
  26. Greetings from So-Cal!
  27. Hello from Oman in the Middle East
  28. New ,just saying Hello
  29. Greetings from Central NY
  30. Hello Fellow Ascend Owners
  31. Hello from Alta Woming
  32. Greetings from Northern Virginia
  33. Greetings from the frigid mid-west
  34. Salutations!
  35. Hello fellow Ascenders
  36. Hello.Receiver suggestion please...
  37. NY Metro Area
  38. Greetings from North Central Ohio...
  39. NYC Here
  40. Hello from Cincinnati, OH!
  41. A new believer out on the frontier.
  42. Very Satisfied in Dallas
  43. Enjoying life with my Sierras
  44. pictures dont do justice
  45. Introduction
  46. Michel say hi to all
  47. OK...I'm all in!
  48. New Ascend Customer Here....
  49. New Owner!
  50. Greetings from Vancouver, BC!
  51. Greetins from "New to Ascend"
  52. low end performance
  53. new to Ascend and high quality audio
  54. Greets from new owner, rebbi -- long post warning
  55. I am new here....
  56. Hi everyone
  57. Soon to be Sierra owner
  58. New CMT-340 SE Owner
  59. They should arrive tomorrow
  60. On the verge of purchasing...just need a push
  61. Possible New Owner - Need Audition
  62. Newbie in Wisconsin
  63. New from MA!!
  64. Newbie on board
  65. Yetta Nother Newbie - Connecticut
  66. Tried to post, don't know what happened?
  67. Hope tp be an Ascends Family man.
  68. Howdy
  69. Hello every one
  70. The anticipation is killing me!
  71. Is an Amplifier Worth the Money?
  72. Hello from Bakersfield...
  73. I'm drinking the kool-aid
  74. Sierra's in Paradise
  75. They just arrived
  76. Hello
  77. New ,just saying Hello
  78. Hello, All! Audition Requested!
  79. Sierra 1 - Audition requested Los Angeles
  80. Soon to Join the Ascend Family
  81. Hello from Utah and Sierra audition request
  82. Dina and the Sales Department
  83. Hello Everyone!
  84. Sierra-1's (nrt) arrived yesterday...
  85. Hello from TX!
  86. Just placed my order !
  87. New CBM-170 Owner in FL
  88. In the club now
  89. Hello
  90. A pair of Sierra-1's on their way North
  91. hi from Virginia Beach
  92. Hello from Indy.
  93. "Hi!" from the "D"... Detroit
  94. Hello from The Netherlands
  95. Greetings from Canada!
  96. Hello All From New Hampshire
  97. Intro and New Speakers
  98. New Ascend owner (almost) from South Florida
  99. New Sierra-1 owner..
  100. 'evenin
  101. Hello from the North Coast - Ohio
  102. Steve in Southern Utah
  103. Soon to be new owner in SF Bay area
  104. A message to say "Hello" and "Help"
  105. Sierra journey downunder
  106. well hello everybody (i sound like Vin Scully don't I?)
  107. Wish to thank Dina and Dave for my purchase...!
  108. New guy from Phoenix AZ
  109. Hello All
  110. Hello
  111. virgin ears
  112. Hello everyone!
  113. New Guy from central Indiana - any Sierra Towers in the area?
  114. New Sierra-1 owner from Pittsburgh, PA
  115. Hello from Tucson
  116. North Bay guy-Discovered RAAL Sierra Towers-OMG!
  117. Hello form Virginia Beach
  118. Hello From New Jersey
  119. hello from Massachusetts
  120. Awaiting Towers (RAAL), Horizon (RAAL), & Rythmik F12
  121. New from Pasadena
  122. New To The Forum, Not To The Hobby
  123. Hello from Bucks County PA...
  124. Hello from the Northern Virginia area!!!
  125. Hello from Lafayette Louisiana
  126. Hello from Northern VA (Another One)
  127. New to the forum and to the hobby. Hello from SoCal - Yorba Linda
  128. New to the forums
  129. New to forum and patiently waiting on RAAL Towers order!
  130. New from TX
  131. Hello
  132. Hi from DC - looking to audition Sierra RAAL Towers and/or Horizons
  133. New from TN
  134. New here; new to hi-fi
  135. Just joined as searching for speakers...
  136. New owner Sierra 1
  137. New to the hobby.
  138. New to Ascend Speakers
  139. New to forum, waiting for speaker build
  140. Hi From TN
  141. Hello from Philadelphia, PA !
  142. Tweeter comparison--standard dome vs Nrt vs RALL
  143. Onix ULW-10 Subwoofer repair help
  144. Anyone live near Charleroi,Pa?
  145. Looking to demo Sierra 1's
  146. Hello from Iowa
  147. Hi from Connecticut. CBM170 SE's Coming in Four Days
  148. Auditions at Ascend Acoustics?
  149. Check In from SC with Sierra-1s
  150. Hello from Rossville, GA (near Chattanooga, TN)
  151. Hello from the Pacific Northwest
  152. Hi from Boston MA
  153. Hello - Any auditions available in Texas
  154. Thank you Dave and Dina
  155. Audition wanted in the Boston MA area
  156. New from Plano, Texas
  157. Hello & Requesting Advice!
  158. Hello from NorCal. In the market for new speakers :)
  159. Hi, Sierra 1 owner from the South
  160. Audition Sierra 2s (or Raal towers) in Chicago IL area
  161. Thank you for the visit, the listen, and the great conversation!!!
  162. Shipping to Australia
  163. Hello from Pennsylvania
  164. Hello from Yonkers NY
  165. Hello from Idaho
  166. Hello from SF Area
  167. Ascend products in a difficult room
  168. Howdy from Dallas, Texas
  169. Hello from Detroit..
  170. Hello everyone
  171. Hello from SoCal!
  172. Greetings! Audition request before purchase decision :D
  173. Hello, Would like to Audition Sierra-2 and Horizon! Near SLC Utah
  174. New happy Ascends Customer saying hello!
  175. Hey from North Carolina
  176. Looking for opinions before I make a purchase
  177. Hello from North Austin Texas
  178. Hello from NJ! Anyone in NJ own Sierras?
  179. New guy from Southwest Ohio
  180. Hello from the Y-Bridge City Zanesville Ohio
  181. New Tower owner in San Antonio
  182. RAAL Tower Audition?
  183. Planting a flag in NYC!
  184. Hi from the Seattle area
  185. New to Ascend
  186. About to jump...
  187. Getting ready to upgrade...
  188. New Living room in Houston,TX
  189. Hello from Virginia
  190. Just Ordered Ascend Sierra-1 today
  191. New to ascend and ordered LCR the 200se
  192. Still waiting for my speakers Sierra-1
  193. 737
  194. First timer from Atlanta
  195. New from Massachusetts
  196. Newbie from So Cal
  197. New guy
  198. Another newbie
  199. Noob from Colorado
  200. Audition the Sierra 2 in Columbus Ohio?
  201. Super noob saying hi from Virginia
  202. New Guy Looking to Audition Sierra Towers with Raal in Nashville
  203. Hello and Advice Requested
  204. Hello from the Bay Area
  205. Low Price .. Pioneer DDJ SZ $800 / Pioneer XDJ RX $800 / Numark NS7III $900
  206. Any possibility to audition in NYC area?
  207. Newbie from VA
  208. Greetings from Lancaster, PA!
  209. Hi From France
  210. Really wanting to keep the Sierras
  211. Hi from Spokane Valley Washington!
  212. Hello...and Merry Christmas
  213. Hi, from Ohio, land of the moderately content cow.
  214. New to Ascend - just ordered the Sierra 2 and Horizon center with RAAL
  215. New from The Woodlands Tx
  216. Hi from North Carolina
  217. New Sierra Owner
  218. Audition Sierra 2 in Tucson
  219. Speaker audition (TN)
  220. Hello everyone! From St. Louis, Missouri.
  221. Hello From West Virginia
  222. Greetings from Arkansas
  223. New Ascend / Rythmik 7.2 System in North Atlanta
  224. Hello from Texas
  225. New Guy on the Block
  226. New Ascend owner...
  227. Gulf Coast Ascend Owners
  228. Greetings form Oregon!
  229. Audition Request in NYC or San Antonio
  230. New Sierra 2 Owner - WOW!
  231. New Here
  232. Hello from another Oregonian!
  233. Sierra owner in SEA
  234. One more newbie
  235. New CMT-340 Owner
  236. Greetings from Jacksonville, FL
  237. Hello from Maine!
  238. New member
  239. Greetings from San Jose
  240. Hello From Denver
  241. I'm new here! Anyone also from the Los Angeles area??
  242. Audition Request in South / North Carolina
  243. Hello and hoping for a listen - Northern California
  244. An Ascend newbee in Phoenix
  245. New Ascend owner in NJ
  246. Hello
  247. New Towers!
  248. New Member of the Ascend Acolytes
  249. Hello there!
  250. soon to be AA family member, thanks to many (esp. kongar, Dina, Dave)