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  1. General guidelines
  2. Welcome David F.!
  3. Why is the Ascend official website so unchanged?
  4. 340-C placed vertically?
  5. CBM-170 vaneer rip.
  6. Which Ascends for new room?
  7. 340c as horizontal l/r speaker in bookshelf?
  8. How long does it take to ship......
  9. Ascend speaker stands
  10. Are there any specials on speakers/subwoofer pkg?
  11. cmt-340 l/r
  12. Can the CBM 170s be placed on a bookshelf?
  13. mounts for htm-200
  14. Acend Drivers and Crossovers
  15. What is the future for Ascend cabinets?
  16. Will Ascend sell the new Hsu subs?
  17. Velcro removal
  18. Ascend should consider linking ascendforum
  19. I need to tilt my speaker, how to get best result?
  20. Special Surround Speaker in the future?
  21. Impedance of HTM-200s
  22. David, What do you really listen to?
  23. How was CES?
  24. Ascend floorstanders?
  25. Any crossover differences between 170 and 170c?
  26. Harman/Kardon Receivers on website. When?
  27. Unusual question for Dave F. (or anyone else)
  28. Mounting 340s for the rear
  29. HTM200 Terminal Order?
  30. Moved some threads
  31. HTM-200 surrounds: vertical or horizontal?
  32. H/K Digital Path Receivers vs. Analog AVR
  33. Why polymer chassis instead of cast?
  34. Dave: 170 or mains for my room size?
  35. Phase Plugs
  36. Dedicated surrounds?
  37. room configuration & 340's
  38. CBM-170 problem?
  39. Weight of cone/magnet in CMT-340c
  40. ascend cbm-170 internal vibration problem?
  41. Stands for new Ascends