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Thread: help me buy a sub or two!

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    Default help me buy a sub or two!

    room 20x18x8. closed off.
    speakers: likely the cheaper ascend series, CMTs across front.
    HT/Music 70/30

    old theater room was open layout. easy 2X the volume of air. had PSA opposing 15" sealed and it was enough... but not overkill. I did not get the sub in the divorce. (it went with the house, which is fine with me.)

    I like the idea of two smaller subs. thinking of 2 F12-400s or 2 12" ported or 2 E15s.

    I want killer--FEEL IT--performance at least down to 25-30 Hz. I'd like to hear it down to 20 Hz, Ok if the system doesn't gut punch me at this low Hz.

    Other considerations:
    - I'd like to keep the per-sub weight <80 lbs. My back ain't what it used to be, and I'd like to be able to move them on my own.
    - I may move again in the next two years. There is value in the sub combo being able to "service" a larger volume of air.
    - I don't actually have an AV receiver yet. it will be somewhere between the $500 CostCo Denon special (Denon AVR S760H 7.2ch 8K AV Receiver) and a Marantz SR-6015. The receiver would have dual sub LFE outs.
    - might buy one sub first & see how it does alone. then buy another later to round it out and take it up a notch. (but nearly positive a single 12" sealed is NOT going to satisfy.)

    Initially will pair it with Ascend Sierra LXs...! Eventually the plan is to have separate HT and music listening areas, and Sierra LXs will "ascend" from family room (basement) to living room (upstairs living room).

    Budget: open-ended. Rythmic subs seem to be worth it regardless. (my brother has one, it rocks)

    Anyways... what do you say community? What two subs would you buy if you were me?

    THANK YOU! questions, holler.

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    Default Re: help me buy a sub or two!

    My current space is much bigger than yours (16x12x12, but open to a 16x12x12 room in back and ~24x20x12 room to one side). I use two E15's and sounds fine to me. Started with one, then added a second later to smooth out bass response. That said, the tactile response is ok (but I don't crank volume as wife complains ;-)). Subs are about 9' from my MLP. So, I've supplemented with Crowson Actuators for tactile response for movies.

    I went with these due to size / weight (easier to move by myself). That said, I've put them on furniture sliders which makes them very easy to move. So, you could consider larger/heavier, except if you plan on lifting.

    With the Rythmiks, the general consensus is that the ported are very very good with music, as well. You may also want to consider one of the 15" ported models if sealed isn't a requirement. Likely to get a bit more "omph" from the ported. Otherwise, I'd go with the E15 based on your post - buy the biggest you can afford/meets your requirements so no regret later.
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