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    Exclamation Introducing the Sierra-LX!!!

    I am most pleased to announce the completion of an exciting new project!!

    *Note: Please use this link to place a pre-order: Sierra-LX pair

    Things here at Ascend might have appeared to be quiet, but the truth is we have been fully focused on intense R&D for quite a long while now.

    This project started well before Covid hit and has taken so many twists and turns, changes for the better, it became hard to keep track of everything.

    Our Sierra-1 was released 15 years ago, it quickly established itself as a new performance benchmark being continually compared against speakers costing 2-3 times as much and coming out on top in direct comparisons. Even today we still receive much praise on the performance of this speaker and there hasn’t been a single change since the day it was released. It was and still is a speaker that performs well in every category, for all music genres and all types of movies. The Sierra-1 is suitable for critical listening while also being a fun speaker.

    Fun - a characteristic for a speaker that seems to have been lost in these days of critical listening and measurements.

    For the 15th anniversary of the Sierra-1 it was our intention to release an updated version. We were thinking Sierra-1EX, with improved mids and deeper and punchier bass. We had several fully designed functional prototypes and I liked them all. Every design was an improvement over the original, but I found these versions to be too similar to our Sierra-2EX.

    It wasn’t our goal to surpass the Sierra-2EX, but rather offer something distinctly different that would appeal to a larger audience. Dome tweeters have their appeal and dominate the market by a large margin.

    The Sierra-1EX just didn’t cut it considering ~ $200 more would get you Sierra-2EX.

    As I have done far too many times in the past, I scrapped everything and decided to start over. I often forget I can do this and must remind myself that this was why I started Ascend Acoustics over 23 years ago.

    So back to the drawing board…

    Many more posts coming so stay tuned!
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    Good Sound To You!

    David Fabrikant

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