I guess this would be a website suggestion?
In any case, let me tell ya this funny thing that happened yesterday afternoon.

So my kid has an online chemistry tutor that comes from this company called StudyPug, anyway, this particular chemistry tutor came highly recommended because she has an excellent record with other students from my kid's school and since my kid is taking the AP Chem examination this spring, the wife and I said "what the heck, let's help him"...

Anyway, too much intro,,, but yesterday as the chemistry tutoring was going a full blast in the living room, I was with the wife preparing some dinner in the kitchen when suddenly we hear this LOUD music coming from our kid's computer and we instantly come and take a look. Well, the tutor was all disoriented herself and saying sorry a thousand times, you could see her running around her apartment through the camera, and closing all the windows and after closing all the windows you could still hear the bass strongly from the laptop's speakers... THAT WAS SOME AMAZING SOUND I GOTTA TELL YA!
So the tutor had to end the session because we could barely hear her with all that noise.
As it turns out, a careless neighbor arrived to her apartment complex (she has a ground unit) with a new set of mega subwoofers, seriously, the guy was showing off big time! and We could hear what I think was Sum 41 all out loud and he never stopped, the tutor sent us an apology through email explaining the situation... but I just couldn't stop myself from laughing at how the tutor was running to all her windows to the sound of Sum 41's "Still waiting" HAHAHA that was SOOO FUNNY to see...

So yeah, if this has to go as a website suggestion, I do recommend the chemistry tutors at StudyPug HAHAHA,,, they are so polite that if a neighbor ruins their lesson they do their best to try and get your kid with a well settled lesson again ... cut seriously, where did that guy get that sound!