It's been sometime since ive been here. The last time was i think 2-3 years ago.

Anyway, i'm looking to upgrade my dual outlaw x12 ultra to rythmik.
I have an open room, great room, 18 x 26, living room opened into kitchen/dining.

this is my current set-up:
Sierra Towers Raal L/R
Sierra Horizon Raal Center
Sierra 2 - Rear L/R.
dual outlaw x12.
denon 4200
ATI 2000 5 channel

I;m wondering if i could have a better low end upgrading the the outlaws to rythmik and which one. I am open to dual subs again. Looking at 15"'ers as i currently have 12's that oes down to 17hz, probably a 15 would go down to 12 hz.

90% movie, 10% music.

thanks for any help and recommendations.