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Thread: subwoofers and bass 101

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgerblue
    So 0 is all the way up, then, or do some receivers go into positive values?
    This means when speakers are tested at 90-95dBs, they are given quite a bit of power and being pushed hard.
    Well DB - I can only answer for my H/K - it goes to +8 I believe. Which at a 70 +36 = 106 dB's per speaker (given the -27dB = 70 dB's / speaker calibrated) would probably cause a bit of hearing damage

    And yes, when speakers are tested at 90 to 95 dB's, they're given quite a bit of power - but depending on the speaker and the type of power it is getting I wouldn't necessarily say that they are being pushed hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lou-the-dog
    For music only, also take a look at the STF-2 which is the same as the VTF-2 less the variable tuning...and will save you a few bucks too.

    Lou-da-dog. I'll look into the STF-2, since I don't own an HT and use my system for 2-channel solely. If it's as good as the VTF-2, but cheaper, then maybe it's the way to go.

    And to everyone else that took the time to educate me on basic audio, a big thanks! I'll keep you posted on my subwoofer decision.

    Too bad for the Eagles and Andy Reid. I don't necessarily like the Eagles, but I did go to school with Andy in elementary, Jr. High and John Marshall High. He looks the same.

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