Ascend Acoustics Holiday Sale!

When we reach this time of the year, I am often a bit saddened as yet another year has quickly passed by. Things are just slightly different in 2020 though, as I (and Im assuming most others) cannot wait for this year to be over. Besides the passing of some of the greatest musicians, this seemingly endless pandemic, a truly crazy election cycle, lockdowns, massive wildfires everywhere in California, horrible hurricanes, Zoom schooling, and having a son graduate High School with nothing but a drive through diploma pickup I for one wont miss it.

2020 brought serious challenges to all businesses, even more so for small business located in California. For Ascend, we were faced with mandatory lockdowns and a near complete disruption of our complex supply chains. I will never forget driving to our office with a police officer following behind me the entire way. I had promised a customer that I would test and ship a few pairs of speakers to him that day, although we were now under mandatory lockdowns with the potential of serious fines I was willing to take that chance. Thankfully, the officer saw me pull up to our office likely realized what I was doing and let me be.

Music listening is stress relieving, meditative, healing and just a great way to escape the day to day. With more and more people being stuck in their homes, we vowed to get our products shipped no matter what it took. We got through it with many new and happy customers now enjoying more time with their loved ones, watching movies, listening to music, being distracted from the events at hand.

2020 isnt quite over yet, the pandemic seems to be getting worse, we just lost Sean Connery and Alex Trebek but Ascend is back at full production capacity with plenty of stock on hand for the holidays. I have a hunch we will soon be in a nationwide lockdown, so there is no better time to get some new speakers and take advantage of some great sale pricing.


Our Sierra-2EX continue to be a huge success for us, these are special speakers with remarkable dynamics, detail, punchy deep bass and an overall musicality that truly sets them apart.

*Sierra-2EX ---> Save $200 per pair, all finishes currently available!

Click here to order: Sierra-2EX pair

*Note: Standard cabinets only


CMT-340 SE ---> Save $70 per pair on what we (and many others) consider to be the best bang for buck loudspeaker ever manufactured!

Now only $498 per pair.

Click here to order: CMT-340SE pair


And let's not forget about the speaker that started it all, our renowned Sierra-1!

Sierra-1 pair ---> Save 20% per pair! Limited finishes available

Click here to order: Sierra-1 pair


Thank you for the many years of support and we wish all of you a healthy, safe and wonderful holiday season!!!